To the right you can click on a link to my law review article, “Poetry and the Practice of Law,” which was published in the University of South Dakota Law Review and has to be about the goofiest law review article ever.  It looks like a real law review article, that is it goes through the formalities, but don’t check the citations too closely.  It’s mostly just my opinion, unsupported, unprecedented.

There is also an article I did for a presentation at the University of Illinois Law School in 2007 titled “Lincoln and Whitman: The Poetic Imaginers of Us” which looks at the close encounters and mutual influences Lincoln and Whitman had with one another.

Also, there are insightful reviews of The Sound of It by Brett Ortler and Keith Wain, as well as an extended interview with Mary Huyck Mulka.

I really like the interview Chris Title did with me for Sleet Magazine recently.

Also, there’s an article by me called “Stampede” from a Minnesota State Arts Board project on crime victims.  I was stabbed in the back during the Calgary Stampede in 1972.